Denver Software Engineer by day, try-hard Renaissance woman by night. I am passionate about technology, art, travel, style, food, and architecture among many other things. I started this blog to share my adventures and inspire other young women to find adventure of their own!

My Story

In 2015 I had the incredible opportunity to live and work in Glasgow, Scotland on expatriate assignment for my company. Prior to this experience, I had never left North America with the exception of a spring break trip to London with my family. Before I left, my mom challenged me to visit a new country every month of my year long assignment. Naturally I accepted and my dinky little Blogger blog was born, chronicling my adventures for my mom and aunts back home.

While there, I made a few friends and dated a bit but nothing really stuck. The girls I met were planning weddings, travelling for “Hen Do’s”, or had just bought and renovated their first homes. Scottish girls, they’re just like us! But this left little room for travel companions.

Much in the same fashion, my friends at home were very busy and a bit financially strapped due to the settling in so many of us do in our 20’s, leaving me to do much of my travelling solo.

It was difficult early on and my first trip was a little bit of a cheat. I went to London, England (still the UK but I counted it as a different country) to visit a sorority sister who was living and interning in Camden. I struggled a little bit with my solo time, still learning how to plan an itinerary and make myself comfortable sitting alone at a bar or restaurant.

But that fumbling trip was enough for me, I fell in love with the independence and freedom that comes with travelling solo! You want to stop and take a photo of something? Just do it. You want to stray from your itinerary to pop into a random museum or cafe? Just do it. You get to experience wherever you are away from the constraints of those you may be travelling with.

After each of these trips and every solo trip I’ve taken since, female friends or colleagues always say things like

You’re so brave! I wish I could do that!

And hence the new and improved Hey Charissa Blog.

You can do it! I want to inspire other young women to be brave, to travel solo, and to make up their own minds about the world. Recognizing that solo travel can be daunting, I have organized Hey Charissa 2.0 into categories for Denverites.

Mini – Little adventures around the city that require little budget and time commitment. Think visiting a new restaurant, gallery opening, the Chamberlain Observatory, or a new fitness studio.

Small – Something with a minimal travel commitment. Think a weekend in the mountains, a drive to Santa Fe, camping near the sand dunes, or visiting a vineyard in Colorado.

Medium – Something that requires a flight but no passport. Think a beach get-away in Florida, a city break in Chicago, skiing in Utah.

Large – A long flight, a passport, and maybe a visa. These will require a little more planning and a little more bravery when it comes to solo adventures. Think a road trip through Bavaria, a yoga retreat in Peru, a visit to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, or Finland to see the Northern Lights.

I hope to inspire and create templates to enable more young women to make up their own minds about the world around them and find more independence and confidence in themselves!