Bang Up to the Elephant!

Last night, my sister and I popped over to Bang Up to the Elephant! to check out their restaurant week menu.

The latest from the creatives behind Double Daughter’s and Beatrice & Woodsley is a more casual, Caribbean-inspired restaurant in Cap Hill. The versatile addition to their repertoire serves breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner, and weekend brunch. Their website even boasts live music. If you want it, they got it!

Sectioned into three, the spacious front room is home to the hostess stand, a fountain, and a coffee shop with open, European café style seating flanked by the neon bar and conservatory dining room. It’s not exactly cohesive but I do like each space individually.

Once seated, you can finally slip out of the Denver winter and into something more tropical.

Although a bit gimmicky, our coconut cocktails were delicious and doubled as a good snack when the kitchen got backed up. Which is a very important feature for anyone suffering from chronic hanger like me.

We tried to pick a wide variety from the restaurant week menu and, for the most part, were not disappointed.

Mofongo – fried mashed plantains and potatoes in a spicy pepper, tomato, rum sauce. This was the real underdog. Based on the description, I didn’t want to order it but Breona convinced me. It’s meaty, vegetarian option that can be made vegan.

Scotch Bonnet-Tamarind Seitan Wings. The trini pepper sauce was so good, Bre even ordered extra to sneak home!

Pimento Wood Smoked Jerk Chicken

Bake and Shark – fried dogfish on a fried bun with slaw and sliced tomato. We didn’t realize this would be a sandwich and it was very pretty but completely bland. Skip it.

Cinnamon Toast Fried Ice Cream – Breona loves fried ice cream so she was living for this. It was good but not my favorite. The saving grace was that our water hadn’t been filed since we sat down and the ice cream was a very welcome relief from the trini pepper sauce.

Overall, it’s a fun space but with a little bit of an identity crisis, less is sometimes more. They also seem to be struggling a little bit with efficiency but that’s forgivable considering they’ve been open for about a month.

I’d go back but skip restaurant week and stick with the dinner plates, starters and drinks, or late night. I liked most of the food but wish we had done a little more menu research before ordering.

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