Lisbon Mornings

In mid-October, I met a friend from the US in Portugal.

Being accustomed to the same timezone, I snuck out early while my jet lagged companion and the rest of Lisbon slept.




While in Lisbon, we stayed at the Traveler’s House Hostel. Now, I’ve told you about my dislike of hostels but this was a completely different experience. I’ll get into that more later but for now LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

It’s located right on the Praca de Comercio so I rolled out of bed and right onto the empty street.


I made my way down the mosaic tiled boulevard toward the plaza and the sea.


I love early mornings in any city. It was so still and calm compared to the normal bustling crowds.

Wonderfully relaxing. I temporarily had the city all to myself.


I made some new friends when I made it to the water!



Just be aware of your volume when you shout “bom dia!”

They’re still waking up.



Just then, the clock struck 9 and you know what that means? BREAKFAST.

I joined the slowly emerging Portuguese and headed home for fresh crepes.


By the time we finished our breakfast, the streets were bustling with tourists and locals enjoying the sun. I had my moment of peace and now I was ready to join the crowds and experience Lisboa!

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