Isle of Skye: Fairy Hunting

And now we’re back in order!

After a long day of driving, I had a super relaxing evening with a moisturizing mask from Lush and a bath, then fell asleep to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. I told you the Uig Hotel was lovely!

Feeling perfectly rested, I woke up early the next morning to the sun streaming through the trees (ok, and pouring rain) into my room. I only had one thing on my mind….



Through the Tour Skye tour company, I booked a tour to see the Fairy Pools, Fairy Bridge, Fairy Glen, and Dunvegan Castle.

Our first stop was the Fairy Pools. Yes, the ones you’ve seen on pinterest.

These crystal clear pools and waterfalls lay at the base of the Cuillin Mountains and are normally surrounded by bright purple flowers. Because the summer was so cold and cloudy, the flowers didn’t bloom to the extent they have in the past.


We played Follow the Leader as our kilt donning guide led us over rocky bridges to the fairies swimming holes.


Even without the shocking purple flowers, they are absolutely stunning.


On a warmer day, the brave will dive in themselves!




I didn’t go for a swim but I was tempted! I dipped my feet in hoping a little fairy magic would stick.


Just as I snapped the photos above, a classic Scottish torrential downpour began. We scurried back, only stopping to take just one more photo.




Next, we headed to Neist Point. The rain had gone but the wind was stronger than ever.

You can hike down to the lighthouse but we chose to take in the view from the cliffs.

Followed by  Dunvegan Castle. Again, we chose to take in the view from the outside. Inside Dunvegan, you’ll find the famous Fairy Flag and Dunvegan Cup which are said to have been given to the MacLeod clan by fairies.

We even ran into some seals which I personally found much more entertaining than the museum within Dunvegan.



The Fairy Bridge is a modest bridge near Dunvegan Castle. The story says this is the last place where the MacLeod Cheif saw his fairy wife before she returned to Fairy Land, giving him the Fairy Flag before her departure.

If you walk under the bridge, you’ll arrive in Fairy Land. Or so I’m told.

The water was too high from the rain so I had to just peer through and use my imagination.

The final and favorite stop was the Fairy Glen.


If you’ve seen Stardust with Claire Danes and Michelle Pfeiffer, this should look very familiar!



The sun FINALLY came out as we made our wishes in the Fairy Circles. You take a gift like a coin, flower, ribbon, and walk into the circle. Once you’ve left your offering, you make a wish and walk out backwards.



Be careful when you’re walking out backwards. You might bump into one of the locals!






We ended the day in the colorful and charming town of Portree.





Overall it was a magical day and I could not recommend Isle of Skye more.

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