Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, Château de Versailles

Each Saturday evening during the summer, the gardens of Versailles hosts Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes, The Fountain Night Show.

For a few hours, the gardens are filled with classical, baroque music and the fountains are lit and bubbling.

When I first arrived, the sun had not yet set making it the perfect opportunity to see the gardens in daylight, at sunset, and under the moon.



This summer, there has been a special exhibit by Anish Kapoor. Fun House like mirrors have been placed throughout the gardens. The mirrors, a central theme in defining Versailles, are now used to distort it’s image.

I even snapped a selfie, along with every other person in the vicinity, in one of the exhibition mirrors.

Several stalls serve snacks, fresh orange juice made from the groves of Versailles, and champagne. I also saw people enjoying dinner picnics throughout the gardens which seems like a perfectly romantic date idea to me! Just BYOBWC (Bring Your Own Bread, Wine, and Cheese)!


Each of the fountains has it’s own show, including lights, fog, and music. I even stumbled upon a behind-the-curtain look at some of the magic.



As I wandered, the sun began to set filling the sky with oranges and pinks, making the gardens even more incredible.










Once night falls, the fountains glitter and there is a grand finale fireworks show. The light at the end of the picture below is actually fireballs shooting out of the ground. No expense spared at Versailles!




The photo above is taken from the Versailles website here.

Once my camera battery died, I was left with just my phone and the quality of my photos quickly degraded.

I highly, highly recommend the show. If you find yourself in Paris with a free evening, there are taxis and buses available to take you back to Paris following the show but I thought it was very nice to be able to wander back to a hotel room in less than 5 minutes after a night on my feet!

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