Dublin: Cronuts and Kells

I’ve been terrible about updating this blog lately. I took on a new role at work in addition to my existing role so I’ve been overwhelmed to say the least. I always end up in these situations because I love being busy and have yet to learn to say ‘no’. A 12 hour workday is still a 12 hour work day, it’s just a little bit easier when you love your job.

Anyway, a few weeks ago a spent the weekend in Dublin. It was meant to be raining and cold the entire time but I actually only used my umbrella once!
For the weekend, I decided to give hostels another go. This time I opted for the highly recommended Dublin Generator.
The Generator Hostel was a vast improvement on my last experience. It’s huge and they have tons of amenities like a cafe serving breakfast and lunch, a bar, pool tables, lockers, computers, a pizza bar, and on and on.



Verdict: It was a nice hostel and a huge improvement on my last experience in Amsterdam. However, hostels still just aren’t my thing. The bathroom seemed clean enough but it smelled terrible so once again, I couldn’t bring myself to use the shower. I also have a weird habit of holding my breath when people cough to avoid inhaling their germs, and there was an old man in my co-ed room with a terrible cough.
Now back to Dublin.
My flight was delayed so I didn’t end up arriving at the hostel until after noon when. I had planned to be there around 10:30. Starving, I started wandering around Temple Bar and stumbled upon the Temple Bar Food Market. What luck!

Vendors selling irresistible desserts, artisan cheeses, smoothies, and tea fill two squares in Temple Bar. They even have an olive bar!





I finished my meal with a cronut (a croissant and a donut met and fell head over heels. Their sweet, sugary love resulted in the heavenly cronut). I don’t know why they are so hard to find in my daily life but it’s probably for the best. If they weren’t a unicorn dessert, my health would take a definite downward turn.
Full to the brim, headed for Trinity College for a little bit of culture.



No football, lads!
My top priority was obviously the Book of Kells and the Old Library. I had recently watched The Secret of the Kells which is actually a great introduction to the history of the Book of Kells and Irish monasteries. The magic may be a stretch, but that’s what makes it fun!
I’m also a sucker for anything involving Harry Potter, books, and art so I felt maybe a little too at home in the Old Library!





I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Dublin and getting a feel for the city.




I love this candid shot of a dapper young Irishman heading for Ha’Penny Bridge!
I finished off my evening with a Literary Pub Crawl. If you’re a nerd like me and and would enjoy a book themed day, I highly recommend it. I didn’t know much about Irish authors but I learned a lot.
You start off at The Duke and stop at three other pubs along the way. The stops are brief, just enough time for one drink. The bulk of the evening is a walking tour of Dublin centered around Irish literature. Your guides will even recite a few scenes and poems! My personal favorite being a letter written by Oscar Wilde, recalling his ridiculous experience lecturing in a saloon in Leadville, Colorado during his 1882 American Lecture Tour. You can find a more of the story with a quick Google. It’s especially fun if you’re a Coloradoan!



We even met the famous Miss Molly Malone outside O’Neills Bar and Restaurant.
While on the pub crawl, I met two other American girls who were also travelling solo, a lawyer and a university counselor. We grabbed dinner after at a seafood restaurant, Catch 22. While there, we found out they had just opened the day before! You know I loved that!
Not bad for 7 hours in Dublin, eh?

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