Sunday Street-Mural Funday

Today, despite the rain, I gave myself a self-guided tour of Glasgow street murals based on the guide here. I haven’t included much commentary below because anything I say will just be regurgitated from this guide. If you’re at all interested in street art, I do recommend reading it. It’s not very long, I promise.

Grab your Frends because I’ve got some city jams to go with your street art.

I think you could probably find all of them in an hour or two but the weather was less than great and I got started around 12:30 so I took a tea/lunch break halfway through. Now let’s get started. We’ve already seen 1 and 2 because they are on my street.

1. The Worlds Most Economical Taxi

2. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

3. Glasgow’s Panda, who lives just across the street.

4. Followed by these friendly urban woodland creatures at Fellow Glasgow Residents

5. Spaceman. My second favorite following number 13 but we’ll get to that.
6. Badminton players. This mural and #12, The Swimmer, were both created for the 2014 Commonwealth Games hosted in Glasgow.
7. Located on a busy shopping street, The Argyle Street Cafe.
8. Big Birds


9. A View of the Clyde


10. Tiger Lucky Eight. I’m pretty sure I saw some teenagers doing drugs in the opposite corner so it was truly a cultural experience.
Some of these murals were a little tricky to find but I didn’t mind because it gave me an opportunity to explore new parts of the city.


11. The Five Faces. Sorry about the quality. I thought it might be be dangerous to use the flash in a busy tunnel where I might distract the already erratic Glasgow drivers.


12. The Swimmer, as mentioned above, was painted for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. This mural is amazingly lifelike.

13. The Gallery. This was my final and favorite stop.




I didn’t make it to 14 BUT I WILL so keep your eyes peeled for an updated post! Instead, here are some picture of my neighbors on my way home. If you are really interested, there is some great information about the Hand Shadow Puppets mural (#14) here. I’m also looking forward to finding the “Phoenix Flowers” in the M8 underpass here.



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